About us

Uplift your tech career

Liftyz is a powerhouse for product/UX designers, dedicated to empowering them in their design careers and nurturing the next generation of designers and leaders.

As senior designers and design instructors, we have seen the challenges designers face in finding job opportunities and building successful careers.

We focus on developing designers' soft skills and job search skills through online courses, 1:1 mentorships, and industry events.

Our mission

Bridging the School-Tech Gap

We're all about connecting the classroom to the real tech world out there. Everything we share and teach is super practical and designed to help you break into the tech scene.

Boosting Your Confidence

We know that designers can do amazing things; they just need a little nudge and the right guidance. We're here to give you that push and help you make your mark.

Learning by Doing

We encourage you to get your hands dirty. With a bit of help from our industry gurus, you'll be forging your own way in no time.

Better Together

We're all about community and cheering each other on. Join us, grow your network, and let's rock the design world together.

Why Liftyz

We' re your launchpad to a successful design career. Born from understanding designers' challenges, we offer practical advice and programs for job hunting and skill development.

With Liftyz, you don't just learn; you evolve, connect, and grow. We are set on a journey to disrupt the professional development landscape for designers.

We are hiring career coaches!

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Meet our founder

Welcome to Liftyz!

My name is Janus Tiu, and I am the founder of Liftyz, a Senior Experience Designer, and a content creator with 60,000 followers across several social media platforms. 

Why did I found Liftyz? After years of teaching design and coaching designers, and as a career switcher myself, I've discovered that many designers lack the skills necessary to market themselves and land a fulfilling job successfully.

I began creating educational content about job hunting that quickly went viral, which led me to launch Liftyz, an innovative online community and career coaching service for product and UX designers. I set on a journey to disrupt the professional development landscape for designers.

Our Product/UX Design Career Accelerator being the first-ever comprehensive and curriculum-based career coaching program that utilizes on-demand materials and 1:1 & group coaching. In only one week, we received 415 registrations for our waitlist.

Through my content, I strive to provide bite-sized educational content on UX design and tech career advice to help young professionals land tech jobs and promote diversity in the industry. I have also been invited to speak at design events and participate as a judge in university design competitions.

A little fun fact about me: before diving into the world of product design, I was a school teacher and psychotherapist. In fact, I'm a registered school teacher in Hong Kong, having passed all my teacher assessments at college with flying colors. So, I know a thing or two about helping people learn and grow!