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Join our online community to gain access to our member-exclusive events, ask questions, get feedback and connect with other designers from all around the world.

While our design community is currently exclusive to those enrolled in our programs, we will soon open it up to the public.

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Your membership includes

Not another Slack group (spoiler alert: we host our community on Circle) - we poured our heart to build a community for you.

Exclusive member events

Participate in a range of engaging workshops and benefit from expert shareouts to fuel the growth of your design career.

Priority access to all the free public events

Enjoy access to our occasional free events, where we welcome non-members to join us. As a valued member, we'll reserve your seat for these events, ensuring you never miss out.

Monthly design critique
(coming soon)

Seeking feedback on your work? Sign up for our monthly design critique sessions, hosted by our career coaches. Gain invaluable insights from our coaches and your peers to refine your design skills.

Liftyz office hours
(coming soon)

Participate in office hours with Janus and fellow members, where you can ask questions, engage in discussions on various design topics like handoff strategies, design plugins, and more.

Connect with community members

Join a vibrant conversation with over 100 members from 18 different countries. Forge friendships within the community, practice interviews together, and discover job referrals.

Educational team Q&A

Chat with our educational team and seek guidance on your design work and career. Receive personalized insights to progress confidently on your design journey.

Event recordings

Enjoy on-demand access to all past and future event recordings. Never miss a moment of valuable content and enrich your knowledge whenever it suits you.

Program discount

Receive a $200 discount when you join our flagship Product Design Career Accelerator program.

1:1 coaching discount

Accelerate your product design career with our personalized 1:1 coaching sessions, now available to you with a 10% discount. Receive tailored support to reach your professional goals.

Listen to our members

"Grow alongside other professionals"

Liftyz is a great community and the team is highly enthusiastic about providing designers with comprehensive information. The career coaches actively engage with and motivate the members. I am very happy to have connected and grown alongside other professionals on Liftyz.

Product Designer, OCAD graduate 🇨🇦

"A valuable opportunity to gain insights from other designers"

As a career switcher, Liftyz serves as an excellent community where I can learn not only from other designers but also from their professional coaching team. The regular design critiques offer a valuable opportunity to gain insights from other designers and receive feedback on my work. The community comprises designers from varying levels of experience and different companies, which greatly enriches the learning experience. I've had the opportunity to meet some of these designers, and together we formed a support group for interview preparation. I particularly enjoy attending their events, whether free or member-exclusive, as every experience has been top-notch.

Graphic Designer, Student at General Assembly 🇺🇸

Frequently asked questions

Is your question not here? Get in touch with our support team.

Who is the community for?

The community welcomes anyone seeking growth and guidance in their design career, regardless of their level of experience.

Who is in the community?

Our community comprises over 100 members from 18 countries, including junior-to-senior design ICs, managers, and individuals transitioning into design from other disciplines.

Do you offer a student discount?

Not at the moment.

How often do you host events?

We typically host 2-4 events per month.

Will events be exclusive to the community?

Yes, all events, except occasional livestreams or workshops, are exclusive and free for community members. Guest livestreams may later be published on our social media channels.

Is there a minimum commitment period?

No, there's no minimum commitment period; you can cancel anytime.

Can I rewatch events if I miss the live session?

Absolutely! All events are recorded and accessible in our community for later viewing.

Still have questions?

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