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Brush up your portfolio, job search and interview skills through our expert-led 8-week career coaching program, 1:1 mentorships, and industry events with your peers.

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The Product Design Career Accelerator

Empower yourself for your job search with this online course. Designed to support junior-intermediate designers, this program will equip you with the skills and confidence to succeed in your career search.

1:1 coaching to level up your design career

Receive personalized coaching to enhance your design skills. Our 1:1 program offers tailored guidances, actionable advices, and access to experienced mentors, to help you achieve your career goals.

Access to expert-curated job search resources

Accelerate your job search with essential materials for a successful career as a product designer in tech. Created by senior designers and hiring managers, our resources are tailored to support designers at all career levels.

Online community & workshops

Sharpen your product design skills with our online community and ad-hoc training workshops. Stay connected with peers and keep learning to grow as a designer.

What people are saying

This course is a gold mine of information. The course pushes you to arrive at an output, which doesn't have to be complete right away, but just enough for you to receive early feedback. The resources are overflowing and it's incredibly useful to know what senior designers are using among the sea of tools available online. I find it really valuable when we do actual hands-on "workshops" in the group sessions like going through a whiteboard challenge with commentary, writing our introductions, and revising resume descriptions.

Product Designer at Growsari 🇵🇭

I have accepted a position as a Senior UX Designer with a Fortune 500 financial company in New York with a 68% pay increase! After being laid off last December, I was feeling a bit lost. However, I came across Janus' Instagram profile and learned about Liftyz. The guidance and templates Janus offered helped me create a well-structured portfolio that was well received by hiring managers. Thanks again for the late-night calls last week for interview preparation and salary negotiation. I will definitely miss our weekly check-in sessions.

Senior UX designer at a Fortune 500 financial company 🇺🇸

​Janus gave me tips on how to improve my "marketing materials" and gave me a clear outline for the whiteboard challenge. Janus was very supportive throughout the program and got me to think about my career path. I ended up getting two job offers, one from Amazon and one from Goldman Sachs. There's no better investment than the Product Design Career Accelerator program. Taking part in this program has saved me at least two years of exploring and learning. ​

UX Designer II at Amazon  🇺🇸


Resume templates for Product & UX designers

Figma resume templates with auto-layouts created for product & UX designers with instructions and demo copy.
Our students used these templates and landed job interviews at Amazon, Google, Dropbox, PwC, McKinsey and other great companies.
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