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Program overview

Self-paced study modules & expert-curated job search resources

Each module includes video lectures and learning resources created by senior designers and hiring managers that are designed to help you fully grasp important concepts and gain practical tools and templates for job search.

Weekly 1.5-hour group coaching sessions

Every week, you will attend a group coaching session. You will have the chance to interact with your peers, practice interviews and presentations, and ask questions.

Our program lead, Janus Tiu, will be hosting the sessions live. Can't make it to the live sessions? No problem – all sessions will be recorded.e recorded.e recorded. We offer two options to accommodate participants from all around the world.

Bi-weekly 1:1 30-min coaching sessions

During the 8-week program, you will be matched with a career coach from design-driven companies like Meta, Shopify, or Spotify, tailored to your personal interests and availability.

Your career coach will meet with you bi-weekly for 30-minute sessions, providing a platform to discuss career paths, receive portfolio feedback, and engage in mock interviews.

6-month access to the online community

As an enrollee of this program, you will have 6-month access to our exclusive online community (valued at $200).

Our online community offers ad-hoc training workshops and provides an opportunity to sharpen your product design skills, connect with your peers, and stay engage with our educational team to keep learning and growing as a designer.

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Course schedule

Beyond our live sessions, we recommend scheduling at least 3 hours a week to complete the study modules and tasks.

New study modules will be released on our platform

Every Monday

Weekly 1.5-hour group coaching session

Group 1: Thursdays at 7pm EST, 4pm PST, 1am CET
Group 2: Saturdays at 10am EST, 7am PST, 4pm CET

Bi-weekly 1:1 30-min coaching sessions

Depends on your personal interests and availability


Our program is designed to equip you with the latest information and tools, providing practical guidelines to prepare for your job search and stand out of the crowd.

Week 1: Understand the market

Learn about the current state of the product design job market and what you can expect from your job search journey.

Week 2: Goal setting for job search

Goal setting is an essential aspect of a successful job search strategy. Take time to reflect on your career journey and identify the skills and experiences that hiring companies are seeking to improve your chances of success in your job search.

Week 3: Create a standout portfolio

Showcase your work in the best light possible and make a lasting impression on potential employers. We cover all aspects of portfolio creation, from collecting and creating content, to optimizing your portfolio.

Week 4: Write a compelling resume

Learn the best practices for writing a compelling resume, and how to optimize your resume to stand out from the competition. Your resume will be reviewed by hiring mangers.

Week 5: How to find jobs and network

Learn how to find a new job, discover the best sites for finding product design jobs and set up your LinkedIn profile.

Week 6: Interview preparation - part 1

A comprehensive guide to interview preparation for product designers, from phone screening, behavioural interviews, whiteboard challenge and cultural-fit interviews. In our group session, you will be doing whiteboard challenge with your peers.

Week 7:  Interview preparation - part 2

Master the art of presenting your case studies with storytelling skills. You will have an opportunity to showcase your portfolio work to your peers and instructors to gather valuable feedback, identify low-hanging fruits, and set goals for continuous improvement.

Week 8: Secure the bag & succeed in your new job

Explore the key factors to consider when negotiating your salary and benefits and get the compensation package you deserve.

Meet the program lead

Janus Tiu is a Design Lead with a portfolio of top-notch design experience at tech companies and other industry-leading companies like Electronic Arts, Adobe, BNY Mellon, McKinsey & Company and BMW USA.

Janus' passion for design extends far beyond her 9-5 job. As a dedicated design instructor and mentor, she has helped over 205 new-to-senior designers navigate the often-challenging tech industry. She was a design instructor at Dribbble and BrainStation design programs. Her mentees and students land jobs at Amazon, Dropbox, Cisco, Accenture, Avanade, Scotiabank, Deloitte, PwC, and other great companies.

Meet your career coaches

All coaches are handpicked from top-tier, design-driven companies. Every two weeks, you will meet with them to receive actionable feedback and advice regarding your career, resume, portfolio, as well as training for job interviews.

Senior product designer @ Flooz
Product designer @ Microsoft
Ux designer @ Apply Digital
Product designer @ MEta
Product designer @ Shopify
UX Designer @ Electronic arts
Senior Product designer @ spotify

Success stories

Stop applying to hundreds of jobs without knowing what you want and what hiring managers and recruiters are seeking. Be strategic and intentional.

Our program, with a proven track record, provides everything you need to stand out in your job search. This way, you can set yourself up to get interviews faster, receive promotions, and learn how to effectively market and sell your skills for freelance, contract, and full-time positions as an individual contributor.

Last update: July 20, 2023.

$75,300 USD

average starting salary for junior designers

Starting salary varies depending on the designer's experience, the industry and the location (the majority of our graduates are based in Canada and the USA)


increase in total compensation for intermediate & senior designers

Compensation includes base salary, target bonus and RSUs etc.

"Pivoted my career and got hired before completing the program"

Joining Liftyz's product design career accelerator was a game-changer for me. Within just a few months, I transitioned from graphic designer into a UX designer role, thanks to the comprehensive program. Liftyz played a crucial role in helping me change my career path and provided invaluable support throughout the process. Janus and Lesley are experienced and friendly mentors, guiding students in creativity, problem-solving, and human-centered design.

UX Designer at Texas A&M University 🇺🇸

"Saved me at least two years of exploring and learning"

​Janus gave me tips on how to improve my "marketing materials" and gave me a clear outline for the whiteboard challenge. Janus was very supportive throughout the program and got me to think about my career path. I ended up getting two job offers, one from Amazon and one from Goldman Sachs. There's no better investment than the Product Design Career Accelerator program. Taking part in this program has saved me at least two years of exploring and learning. ​

UX Designer II at Amazon  🇺🇸

"Gained confidence and polished my responses to various interview questions"

I just signed the job offer! The Liftyz accelerator really brings my job application to another level! The program has cleared all my doubts and fear of applying for UX/product jobs. With the guidance and support I received from this program, I have been encouraged to embark on a multitude of practices that I would have never undertaken on my own through mere online searches.

Throughout 8 weeks, I have updated my entire portfolio and resume with solid feedback, practiced white board challenge and portfolio presentation with my cohort, and also 1-on-1 mock interviews with Janus. Through these practices, I gained confidence and polished my responses to various interview questions, ensuring that I was well-prepared for the real one. Besides, Janus is a super supportive and compassionate UX mentor. She always provides you with professional UX advice and hand-on practice. I wholeheartedly recommend the Liftyz accelerator to anyone seeking to excel in their job search for UX/product designers.

UX Designer at Nissan 🇬🇧

"Landed interviews at J.P. Morgan, Visual Meaning and Pinnacle Sports"

I was feeling very down about my job search, struggling with self-doubt and uncertainty about my CV and portfolio. But then I received well-crafted information and templates, support and encouragement from Janus who helped me review my approach and get me back on track. Thanks to her guidance, I landed interviews at J.P. Morgan, Visual Meaning and Pinnacle Sports. It’s really nice to have Janus as my mentor.

UX Designer at Pinnacle Sports 🇬🇧

"This program covers everything you need to land a product designer job"

Janus was an exceptional instructor! Her patience and thoughtfulness created a great learning experience - she always took the time to ask if students had additional questions or concerns, and her feedback was insightful. The program provided plenty of resources, and the weekly modules and live coaching sessions were well-structured.

UI Designer at Google 🇺🇸

"Strategies and resources to help me make the best impression on the recruiters"

Janus has been knowledgeable and helpful in answering any questions I had about the job market and the interviewing process. I liked how structured and clear the session and feedback were. She provided me with strategies and tips to help me make the best impression on recruiters and also shared with me resources such as a designer resume template. Her encouragement and support were invaluable to the newbie immigrant. She was always willing to offer a listening ear. I strongly recommend Janus to anyone looking for mentorship.

UX/UI Designer at Digital Classifieds 🇨🇦

"68% pay increase"

I have accepted a position as a Senior UX Designer with a Fortune 500 financial company in New York with a 68% pay increase! After being laid off last December, I was feeling a bit lost. However, I came across Janus' Instagram profile and learned about Liftyz. The guidance and templates Janus offered helped me create a well-structured portfolio that was well received by hiring managers. Thanks again for the late-night calls last week for interview preparation and salary negotiation. I will definitely miss our weekly check-in sessions.

Senior UX designer at a Fortune 500 financial company 🇺🇸

"These resources at this level of comprehension are quite hard to come by just by googling"

I really enjoy that Janus puts a lot of effort in making the workshops as engaging as possible. She has practical advice on how to land a job and how to become a successful designer. Her feedback are very comprehensive and something that I can use in the future as well even after the program. The career coach sessions with Lesley were a real delight. Her thoughtful and practical feedback, drawn from her success as a senior designer in a well-known company, has been a game-changer for me. Lesley's approachability made the 1:1 sessions comfortable and effective. Moreover, the resources provided by Liftyz were exceptionally valuable. These resources at this level of comprehension are quite hard to come by just by googling. I think they would be very useful even after the program at my future job.

Intermediate product designer 🇺🇸

Who is this program for?

Our program is designed to support individuals with knowledge of product/UX design in securing their first and next product/UX design positions as individual contributors in various industries.

A foundational knowledge of product/UX design AND/OR have completed or currently completing education in product/UX design
Experience with at least 1 complete product/UX design conceptual or shipped product design case studies
Willingness to collaborate with your peers

Our learning platform

Our program is hosted on a fully responsive education platform that supports all devices. You will be able to access the community and course materials, as well as attend live group coaching sessions, through our platform anytime, anywhere.

Community-driven online learning experience
Fully-responsive user-friendly interfaces
Website, iOS app and Android apps are available

🎁 Bonus 1: Access to the exclusive job search resource bank

To assist you in your job search, we have curated a bank of resources ($200 value) including but not limited to: 

Career goal setting worksheet
Case study framework worksheet
Resume template
Resume action word list
Portfolio case study presentation deck template
Over 100 real interview questions and design challenge prompts
Job search tracker
Job search email and Linkedin message templates

🎁 Bonus 2: Mock interview session

If you enroll in this cohort, you will have the opportunity to participate in a 1-hour mock interview (valued at $150), hosted by our professional career coaches at the end of the program. This will allow you to put what you've learned into practice and receive feedback on your interview performance. Please note that you will need to complete the mock interview within three months from the start of the program.


Have a look at most frequently asked questions.Still have a question? Drop us an email.

Will this program teach me UX / product design?

The program is not designed to teach UX & Product Design from scratch. It is focused on the job search tactics and assumes that the enrollees already have a fundamental understanding of UX & Product Design. However we will be sharing industry best practices and providing practical design tips throughout the program.

I do not have a portfolio. Can I enroll in this program?

Yes, you can enroll in this program. This program is intended to assist junior-intermediate UX & product designers in preparing job search materials and jumpstarting their job search. As part of our video lectures, we will provide guidance on how to create a design portfolio and write case studies.

How is this program delivered?

Online videos, templates, materials:
New modules will be released on every Monday on our online platform. Each module includes video lectures and learning resources that are designed to help you fully grasp important concepts and gain practical tools and templates for implementation.

Take the time to work through the modules at your own pace, and feel free to access the courses anytime, anywhere, from your laptop or phone. You will have 6-month access to the program.

Live group coaching sessions:
You will receive meeting invites and links to the weekly group coaching sessions.

1:1 coaching sessions:
You will be paired with one of our career coaches based on your personal interests and your availability. You will meet your career coach every two weeks for 30 minutes. Sessions will run at Europe & North America friendly times. All sessions must be completed no later than 2 weeks after the completion of the program.

What career stage is this for?

This program is suitable for designers who are at junior-to-senior level, serving as individual contributors. Whether you are just starting out or looking to transition to a new role, this program can help you refine your job searching skills, sharpen your interview skills and land your dream job in UX and product design.

How is this different from other courses on the market?

This program is the first-ever curriculum-based career coaching program with a proven track record. It distinguishes itself from others on the market by offering on-demand training, a wealth of resources, and 1:1 mentorships with designers from tech companies. This provides the comprehensive information you need not just to search for your next job, but also to succeed in your design career. Other similar programs on the market, which only offer group coaching sessions, can cost between $1,299 and $5,100.

What is the refund policy?

Due to the digital nature of this program, we are unable to offer any refunds for any reason. All sales are final. Please review the product description and information before making a purchase to ensure it meets your needs and expectations. If you have any questions or concerns about the product, please reach out to us.

What if I need extra help for my portfolio?

The 1:1 career coaching sessions are ideal for gathering actionable feedback from our career coaches. For additional guidance, you can book additional paid coaching sessions with 10% off discount.

Are sessions recorded?

Yes, recordings are shared immediately after each session on our platform.